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About Case IH

As someone who makes their living from the earth, from farming or contracting, you have many roles. You are an agronomist and scientist, innovator and inventor, entrepreneur and financier, technician and engineer, and primarily a caretaker.

In addition, you manage one of the most elaborate and complicated journeys from your farm to the rest of the world around you – or far away. Nobody understands that journey better than Case IH and we want to be your preferred partner. At Case IH, we’re here to support you as you grow food, fibre and fuel for the world.

We bring you innovative products and market leading agricultural solutions and services. We take on challenges for you. We make life easier for you. We provide you with peace of mind.
That’s what we do. We’re Case IH.​​

Case IH Tractor Range

Stieger Series

For 60 years, Case IH Steiger series 4WD tractors have powered successful operations worldwide. Today’s lineup includes five models in 26 configurations — there’s a Steiger tractor that fits most applications and operations.

Magnum Series

Big on power and efficiency, comfort and intuitive operation, the new Magnum drives productivity to new heights and slashes ownership costs. The new Magnum brings reliable technology to your business and a high return on your investment.

Puma Series

The new generation of Case IH Puma tractors is flexible enough to handle row crop work, livestock chores, spraying and haying. Comfortable and intuitive, to keep you productive during long days and nights.

Optum Range

The Optum range is powerful, compact and highly manoeuvrable with excellent power-to-weight-ratio. With its stunning new design and eye catching signature lighting this tractor will handle any given task with maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.

Maxxum Series

Maxxum tractors have joined the ranks of Case IH high horsepower tractors powered by FPT engines with proven technology that provides increased performance and fuel efficiency. Maxxum tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing.

Farmall Series

Robust and reliable, these tractors are designed to take on general duties, tough tasks on livestock units, and daily farm business. Whether working with mounted machinery, trailed equipment, with a loader or on transport duties, versatile Farmall tractors more than live up to the reputation of the famous Farmall name.

Loaders & Attachments

All front end loaders are designed for Australian conditions featuring excellent visibility, durable performance and solid construction that allows you to handle bigger tasks and longer hours. The mechanical level lift system is the best form of operator protection against “rollback” and is designed to meet latest standards for Supply and Manufacture.

Case IH Harvester Range

Axial - Flow Combines

Case IH offers the broadest model offering to meet the needs of any operation, including two Class VII models so producers can tailor a machine to their unique needs. From the hardworking, simple Class VI Axial-Flow 6140 with 348 horsepower all the way up to the powerful Class IX Axial-Flow 9240 that peaks at 625 horsepower, you will find an Axial-Flow combine perfectly suited for your operation’s needs. From header to spreader, Axial-Flow series systems are carefully matched to ensure efficiency and productivity. The Axial-Flow line represents simplicity and reliability with the fewest drive components and longest service intervals in the industry. It also leads the industry with features such as the largest cleaning systems, most innovative drive systems, and largest selection of headers.

Combine Fronts

In order to obtain the highest performance output from a combine, high capacity feeding is key. There is no better match for a Case IH Axial-Flow ® combine than a Case IH head. Case IH heads have been designed to complement the entire range of Case IH Axial-Flow ® combines capabilities and enhance their output potential. Case IH heads are built to perform at their best in all conditions, to improve on productivity and overall performance resulting in minimal loss. Simple and reliable, just like the combines behind them, Case IH heads are simple to set and adjust, intuitive to operate and help you deliver more high quality grain to the tank.

Case IH Hay Equipment

Large Square Balers

Standard feeder LB series balers now benefit from an upgraded chain and tensioner for enhanced durability, while a new packer slip clutch incorporating an additional friction plate made from thicker material provides improved load transfer and heat dissipation for maximum reliability.

Round Balers

Case IH integrated a multitude of features into the new RB design so that every model is capable of baling the heaviest crop with remarkable speed and efficiency. The bale size can be altered and monitored from the comfort of the tractor seat and the wrapping system is unbeatable.

Small Square Balers

Crank out high-quality bales in all kinds of crops and crop conditions with the SB Series small square balers. They are all about productivity. These balers get the job done right with high-capacity features like wide pickups and heavy-duty, smooth rotary feeding systems.

Mower Conditioners

Choose from our two models, the DC133 and DC163, built to handle a variety of crops and designed for easy, uninterrupted use. Both let you move quickly and easily from field to field, offer intuitive operation with fewer, simpler adjustments and allow you to pick up speed while maintaining consistent cutting when bad weather is on the horizon. These join the proven DC102 side pull mower conditioner for a range of cutting widths from 3.16m to 4.9m


Whether you’re cutting your crop or your customers’ crops – you need to get a lot done in a tight time frame. The performance of Case IH WD 4 Series Windrowers is second to none with a size that will suit every application and extends to many other innovative, efficiency-improving features. The end result? An unmatched system that allows you to move faster through the field and cut more... all day, every day.

Case IH Patriot Sprayers

Patriot Sprayers

You need a sprayer that’s ready when you are to take advantage of the ideal agronomic window to get into the field. You want it to provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, and to work smoothly and reliably all season, every season. Regardless which model you choose, in today’s Patriot series sprayers, you’ll find a high-efficiency spraying package that fits your operation perfectly.

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems

Advanced Farming Systems

At Case IH precision farming is known as Advanced Farming Systems (AFS). Case IH was a pioneer in developing advanced farming technology and continues to be a market-leader for ease of use and productivity benefits. Tools include automated hands-free steering and guidance capabilities on tractors, combines and sprayers; prescription planting, mapping and variable rate technology capabilities on planters, sprayers and seeders; and more.