Coolamon Chaser Bins

About Coolamon Chaser Bins

Coolamon Steelworks are a leading steel manufacturing business that builds the market leading Coolamon Chaser bins.

Coolamon Chaser bins are the strongest and most reliable chaser bin manufactured in Australia and are the leader for chaser bin technology and efficiency. All models & options are designed and built in house.

Founded in 1972 Coolamon Steelworks (or Coolamon Chaser Bins) have built a strong reputation for delivering reliable products that value add to anyone’s operation.

Coolamon Equipment Range

Chaser Bins

Coolamon Chaser Bins all have modern design into the structure and the look, making them strong, durable whilst still looking great. They will stand out and yet still perform year after year. Our bins are designed with extra strength and flexibility in mind, and have loads of features and options to let you design a bin perfect for your specific needs and your operation.


Coolamon spreaders are the only ones in the world with variable sized cones, vastly improving the timing of your product as it leaves the machine. Consistent spread due to a double overlap, our spinner blade design creates a negative pressure at the centre of the disc therefore pulls the product into the centre of the disc before it’s thrown out.

Spreader Chaser

The “world's first” chaser/spreader. The Coolamon chaser/spreader is two machines in one — a dual-purpose trailing implement integrating a multi-functional spreader with a chaser bin.

Mother Bins

All Mother Bins can be moved when 50% full Hydraulic load sharing suspension distributes even weight to each wheel and allows accurate weight calculation Rear Steering option creates an easy & tight turning circle reducing damage to laneways and fields caused by dragging fixed wheels Large flotation tyre footprint stays on top of the ground and makes the bin easier to pull avoiding damages to laneways and fields

Seed & Super Units

Multi-purpose machine that is used all year round. Decreases capital expenditure & cuts operating costs due to hiring machines or paying contractors. Seed & super unit improves efficiency allowing you to plant more ground in a day.

Field Bins

Load sharing between floating dual axles for transport. Separate sub-chassis provides a significant load sharing area to ground and enables an accurate weight scale option. Large flotation tyres stay on top of the ground and make the bin easier to pull avoiding damages to laneways and fields.