About FlexiCoil

In 1999, CNH Industrial completed the purchase of the global Flexi-Coil business. Today, Flexi-Coil continues to be the sole CNH Industrial brand for seeding equipment for the Australian market. CNH Industrial remains committed to continuing the development of innovative tillage and seeding products to meet customer needs, supported by a trained and dedicated dealer network.

This dedicated dealer network is critical in enabling growers to get the maximum out of owning and operating Flexi-Coil equipment. They provide the service support and expert advice that keep customers up and running season after season.

Your nearest Flexi-Coil dealer can give you expert advice about the right solutions for your farm, answer any questions you may have, or can arrange a product demonstration.

Flexicoil Equipment Range

Air Carts & Precision Ag

Flexi-Coil air carts are designed for the ease of use, safety and versatility you need to get the best results. The new 60 series provides accurate product flow, gentle seed handling, reduced seed cracking and scarring and improved germination. Seed for longer between fills with greater tank capacity and fill quickly with auger or conveyor.


Place seed and fertilizer right where you choose with Flexi-Coil’s adjustable, flexible and efficient air drills. The 5000HD and 5500 Air Drills offer multiple bar configurations for adaptable row spacing, four-row tynes, and rubber and steel packing systems that improve the ride and apply less packing pressure in heavy, sticky soil conditions. And of course, they provide great depth control and placement accuracy. The 6100 Precision Disc Drills are designed to maximise productivity and allow you to seed at higher speeds and spend less time on daily maintenance.

Precision Cultivators

Flexi-Coil’s ST820 cultivator combines solid construction, durability and flexibility with incredible accuracy and depth control. A flexible frame and floating hitch provide exceptional contour-following capability – you can closely follow the rise and fall of the ground for consistent depth accuracy – and heavyweight construction helps it penetrate the hardest soil.

Precision Hoe Drill

With Flexi-Coil’s trademark flexibility, innovation and strength, the PD 5700 precision hoe drill makes sowing and fertilising high-value, small-seed crops like wheat and canola more precise and efficient. Available in a choice of three working widths and folding into an industry-leading narrow transport width, the PD 5700 guarantees precise, accurate and repeatable seed placement.